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Childhood Peer Victimization as a Predictor of Adolescent Loneliness - A Critical Review of the Literature

Rivka Edery, M.S.W., L.C.S.W

It is hypothesized that if one is peer-victimized in childhood, they are more likely to experience loneliness. This literature review examines adolescent loneliness with particular reference to its association with childhood peer victimization. It draws on the findings of three key studies, which are all relevant to the urgent need for focused, long-term solutions to childhood bullying. These three studies differ from each other, but support the main idea. Peer victimomicsonline.orgization is the experience of being bullied or teased about variables such as one`s appearance, family, or gender, etc. Asher & Paquette (2003) define loneliness as a sad or aching experience of isolation, like being cut-off, alone or distanced from others, and is associated with the feeling of longing for closeness, contact and association with others.