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Enhancing Transdermal Medication Delivery Using Micro-Pillar Tunnel Stamps

Jeeho Choi

Transdermal drug delivery has emerged as a vital route for administering medications, offering several advantages over traditional oral or parenteral methods. To improve the efficiency and precision of this delivery method, a novel approach is introduced in the form of a micro-pillar tunnel stamp. This innovative technology offers a sophisticated solution for the transdermal administration of topical medication compositions. The micro-pillar tunnel stamp is designed to enhance drug delivery by creating a network of micro-channels within the skin, facilitating the penetration of active pharmaceutical ingredients. These micro-channels not only increase drug absorption but also ensure accurate dosage control, minimizing the risk of side effects and improving patient compliance. This abstract aims to highlight the key benefits of the micro-pillar tunnel stamp technology, such as its non-invasive nature, reduced risk of infection, and applicability to a wide range of medication compositions. We discuss the fabrication and application of the stamp, emphasizing its potential for personalization and adaptability to specific patient needs.