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The Role of Digital Health in Transforming Preventive Care

Daryna Ivanna*

n the rapidly evolving realm of healthcare, the integration of digital health technologies has become a
transformative force, profoundly reshaping the landscape of preventive care. Amidst unprecedented technological
advancements, a paradigm shift is evident, with digital health emerging as a catalyst that fundamentally transforms
how individuals interact with their well-being. Central to this revolution is the seamless integration of digital health
tools and wearable technology, offering individuals the power to monitor diverse facets of their health in real-time.
Equipped with health-monitoring sensors, these smart devices have permeated daily life, surpassing conventional
fitness tracking to provide comprehensive insights into overall health. This abstract explores the pivotal role played by
digital health in redefining preventive care, highlighting its capacity to empower individuals through continuous health
monitoring and personalized insights.