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Transition Metal Complexes in Medicine from Bench to Bedside

Ahmed Berhanu*

This article explores the transformative journey of transition metal complexes in the field of medicine, tracing their evolution from laboratory bench experiments to practical applications at the patient’s bedside. Transition metals, with their unique electronic and structural properties, offer a versatile platform for designing therapeutic agents. The versatility of transition metal complexes is showcased in their applications as anticancer agents, antimicrobial therapies, and anti-inflammatory interventions. Platinum-based drugs, like cisplatin, have pioneered the use of transition metal complexes in oncology, while copper complexes show promise in combating infectious diseases. This article highlights the challenges, such as toxicity and stability, and discusses the ongoing research efforts to optimize the therapeutic potential of transition metal complexes. As these complexes continue to redefine the landscape of medicine, their journey holds the promise of innovative treatments and improved patient outcomes